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Church Staff

Ministerial Staff

Dr. Terry Kirby, Senior Pastor  <More About Terry>
(Pictured with wife Jeana, and daughters Hannah and Savannah)

Dr. Bill Kunsman, Minister of Education & Senior Adults <More About Bill>
(Pictured with wife Ann)

Dr. Scott Foshie, Minister of Worship <More About Scott>
(Pictured with wife Audra, and children Lydia, Levi, and Liz)

Rev. Jason Abbott, Minister of Students <More About Jason>
(Pictured with wife Christina, and children Carter and Jaylin)

Support Staff

Mrs. Karyn Mills, Director of Children's Ministries

Mrs. Lynn Roach, Church Administrative Assistant
(Pictured with husband Gary)

Mrs. Christine Coley, Church Financial Assistant
(Pictured with husband Tim)

Mrs. Kristi Rogers, Church Ministry Assistant
(Pictured with husband, Jody, and children, Jeremy, Alex, and Ashleigh)

Mrs. Eva Fodor, Church Custodian
(Pictured with husband Tamas, and children Thomas and Naomi)

Mrs. Cheryl Toney, Summit Custodian/Church Nursery Coordinator
(Pictured with husband Tim)

Mr. Bill Williams, Maintenance
(Pictured with wife Sandra)

Mr. Ted Headrick, Maintenance
(Pictured with wife Sandra)