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.com stands for “Children On Missions”

.com is a hybrid missions-based activities program for children between the ages of 1st grade (who have completed Kindergarten) and 5th grade.  .com takes the fundemental elements of traditional children's church programs and presents them in a new way:
  • Praise and Worship
  • Royal Ambassadors (R.A.’s)
  • Girls in Action (G.A.’s)
  • Mission Friends
  • Our Church’s Children’s Library
    Evenings begin with children gathering in the gym for a  fun time of praise and worship.  Introductory activities showcase a geographic area and a mission field. Children may be introduced to special guest speakers, missionaries, artifacts, music, language, and culture of the different regions we will be studying. We may play themed games of those different countries. Later, we break up into small groups to learn Bible verses and perform missions activities.

.com  will meet every Wednesday Night from 6:00- 7:15 beginning August 13th.

Come Early!  Doors open at 5:45 pm with games and activites.