Sunday School Brochure

Come join us in Sunday School!  We have many classes available for you and your whole family.  The heart of Alpha Baptist's growth is in our small-group Sunday School ministry.  Please feel free to take a look at the different Sunday School classes we offer, print a copy of our church's map, and if you have any other questions, give us a call at 423-581-3237, or e-mail us at

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Preschool Department
Bed Babies Room 253
Toddlers & 1's Room 254
2 and 3 Year Olds Room 255
4 Year Olds Room 256
5 Year Olds Room 261

Children's Department
First & Second Grade Room 150
Third Grade Room 153
Fourth Grade Room 152
Fifth Grade Room 151

Student Department
[All Student Classes are located at The Summit Student Ministries Building]

<Please click here to go to our Student Ministry Website>
Sixth Grade The Summit
Seventh Grade The Summit
Eighth Grade The Summit
Ninth Grade The Summit
Tenth Grade The Summit
Eleventh/Twelfth Grade The Summit
College & Career The Summit

Adult Department
Young Adults
Coed 1 Owens Room 105
Coed 2 Livesay Room 107
Coed 3 Ledford Room 106
Coed 4 Oakes Gym Stage
Ladies 1 Walker Room 120
Twenty-Somethings M. Watkins Room 117

Median Adults
Coed 1 Rutledge Room 111
Coed 2 Sartain Room 122
Coed 3 Frazier Room 123
Coed 4 Chappell Room 104
Coed 5 Kunsman Room 125
Coed 6 Carroll Room 119
Coed 7 Headrick Room 101
Ladies 1 Kinser Room 118
Ladies 2 Watkins Room 124

Senior Adults
Coed 1 Brock Room 103
Ladies 1 Mitchell Room 112
Ladies 2 Dearing Room 121
Men's 1 Taylor Room 102