Pray & Go

What is Pray & GO?

Pray & GO is a prayer and outreach ministry. Each month we will host “Alpha Visitation Days” where people from our church will be split into teams and go out into our community. Teams will pull up to every home in our community and pray for the people in that home. After praying for them, you will place a door hanger and gifts on the door of every house. Once you have prayed and placed the church material, then you GO to the next home. It is that simple!

Who will serve?

Pray & GO is unique in who is going to be helping to do this ministry. There is no enrollment like we will do for future door-to-door ministry. Rather, we will open up these visits to our entire congregation one day a month. This means that we need everyone’s participation to complete this God sized task!

When will we do Pray & GO?

This ministry will launch the second Thursday of the month beginning March 14, 2024 and continuing each month until every house in our “Jerusalem” and neighboring communities have been prayed for and visited.

Where will we start?

Each Pray & GO will begin at 6:00 pm at the church office entrance. When you get to the church you will be given clear instructions, houses to visit, and all the material you will need.

Why Pray & GO?

Pray & GO is different than normal visitation programs. Within the next couple years, we will be launching a Door-to-Door ministry where we intentionally try to talk to our neighbors and win them to Christ. However, until that time, we will be pouring into Pray & GO. This strategy makes it possible for ANYONE to participate, as long as you can pray. We will be sure to partner you up with someone who is able to place the door hangers. This makes it so anyone that can ride in a car and pray can take part.

This strategy has statistically been a huge success in the churches that have done it. The people in the community find out that we are praying for them and that we really do care. Plus, they get your church information, and it is a great talking point when we start up our Door-to-Door ministry in the future. I know we will gain a lot of visitors and make a huge impact, but my greatest prayer for this ministry is that God would open doors to share the gospel with our Jerusalem. We would also do well to remember the power that Prayer has when we intercede for others! This is going to make a huge impact! So, let’s get excited and get involved as we Pray & GO around Alpha!

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